2 thoughts on “Airmen”

  1. Hi Rosie – you spoke to my colleague Nicola Gilroy a month or so ago. I wondered if I could have a chat with you about coming on to our arts show on Tuesday 1st September from 6pm until 7pm. It’s a conversational style arts show featuring 3 artists with Lincolnshire connections. Do you think you might be interesteted? I am on holiday at the moment but could we have a chat? 01522 511411. I am going in to work for a few hours tomorrow to set the programme up – probably from 10am. Hope to speak to you soon.

    Kind regards
    Allison Swainson


  2. Hi Rosie, Barbara Hunter here from NZ, your Mum gave me this link to your work and l must say l am impressed, it makes me want to take up art even at my age!!! Was a privilege to undertake to bring one of your works to New Zealand recently! Babs
    Hope to meet you in person when over next year!


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