‘Forces of Nature’

August 2018 was the first time I’d had a solo exhibition for years and so I was rather nervous about which work to show. I had booked all of the space available at the delightful independent coffee house on Freeschool Lane, Lincoln, the Angel Coffee House. The exhibition got to be on display for the whole month and I really couldn’t recommend better hosts!


The building used to be a vestry and so it has beautiful open architecture and light. There are also several plants and rustic furniture, so I decided to do a new body of work that would nicely suit the space.


Entitled ‘Forces of Nature’ I decided to combine the female form and animals with elements of the natural world. You can read a short bio and interview below:


I was incredibly touched by how well-received this exhibition was. I made several sales and was highly praised on social media. Overall, it reminded me why it’s important to make work that you’re passionate about and what inspires you. I feel like it really shows in the result. Big thanks once again, to the Angel for being amazing hosts. They have different artwork on display regularly, supporting local artists. They also have a fine menu which is certainly worth the visit!

Here are a few more detail shots, any leftover pieces and prints will be up soon on my Etsy. Thank you!



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