7 Days of Self 2018

The wonderful Rick Nunn started uploading to YouTube recently. From this, I knew great things would happen. If you haven’t heard of ‘Seven Days of Self’ yet, I’m sure you will!

At the end of This Video he set his followers a challenge: to post 1 photo a day for 7 Days on Instagram with the hashtag #7dos2018 …interpreted as you wish! Here are mine:


Day 1: A massive part of my life is building contraptions and cosplay, spending far too much time in my own imagination. One day I shall be entirely robot!


Day 2: Forever gazing out into the beautiful and mysterious abyss… Everyone needs some #space


Day 3: When the dog just has to interrupt for some kisses and the photo ends up being your fave. Being covered in paint and pets makes for a happy Rosie!

Rubiks Solve from Rosie Ablewhite on Vimeo.


Day 4: There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t do a crossword, jigsaw, sudoku or some kind of puzzle… there’s something soothing about them that rearranges my focus, helping to ease my anxieties. Also, I find watching this video oddly soothing.


Day 5: Lincoln, you’re the beautiful city I’ve called home for over a decade. Each time the Cathedral is in sight I feel I’m back where I’m meant to be. This will always be the place that made me who I am.


Day 6: 1 in 4 sets of twins are ‘Mirror Twins’ and I happen to be one of these with @Spadgerina! As similar as we are, we’re surprisingly opposite in many ways. Identical, but very much with unique identities. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Day 7: Inspired by the ‘Tango in the East End’ 1952 photo. It took me a little too long to realise that you can love who makes you happy, be who you want to be and dance wherever! It’s not always easy feeling like an oddity in this world, but it’s certainly never boring.

Here is Rick’s summary of the project! video

This project was challenging but highly rewarding! A photo a Day was quite a stressful timeframe, especially considering the weather wasn’t great. I did manage to assist in helping others with their photos and learned a LOT in the process. Make-up skills, set-up skills, and how to use more advanced settings on SLR cameras. (I wouldn’t mind owning one, myself, now!)

I enjoyed all areas of the process, cooking up the idea, planning the shot, creating the set-up, editing the image and finally, sharing it with select commentary. One thing I came to realise was that it’s been truly fascinating to see how different everyone’s take to the same brief has been. Whilst learning more about my fellow creatives in the process!

Fingers crossed this project grows and grows, I’ll certainly take part in the same thing next year, and perhaps try to cook up some of my own challenges in the meantime.


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