Working with Linney

I was recently asked if I’d like to be part of a film project for media company Linney as part of the company’s Y Magazine.

Knowing of the filmmaker Daryl’s previous work I jumped at the opportunity to be involved, especially when I was asked to do a series of paintings from life, which I don’t get much chance to do anymore!

We set a full day aside to do the interview and paintings, in which I was filmed the whole time. I don’t often get to talk about my general joy for art in interviews and it was a wonderful reminder of why I wouldn’t like to do anything else with my career. My sister kindly modelled for me and it really felt more like a hangout with friends than work (which was great to take the pressure off being on-camera).

I’m absolutely thrilled with the final result, which I think perfectly captures my artistic mindset and the passion involved in my method.

You can check this out here:

Artist Profile: Rosie Ablewhite from Daryl Boyden-Watts on Vimeo.


Thanks Daryl for asking me to be a part of this project!

As I was being interviewed, I gave a tour of my studio and Linney were blown away by my aluminium can creations! After asking whether they could go on display at their studio Linney Create, I was more than happy to send the little figures their way!

You can read a bit about that on Linney’s Blog here

I’m extremely happy to say that the display was very well-received and Linney have kept my details for future exhibits. My aluminium cans seem to have gained a bit of a reputation for being on display over the Christmas period. I have only managed to make one more since last year, but I’m inspired once again! Thanks, team!


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