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There are few things I enjoy more than when I’m ‘allowed’ to paint on new and exciting things! Whether that be someone’s skin, satchels and suitcases, guitars, a bombshell, a helmet, a wall and now something I’ve never tried before… clothing!

All I needed for this were a few fabric paints. I found that it takes a few layers to get an even, opaque finish because the material is absorbent. It’s also easier to do detailing on top of a layer of paint as it won’t bleed as much. Fabric pens save time for fine work and laying out. And ironing is your friend! The flatter the surface is, the easier it is to work on… certainly stretch out the fabric and keep it steady when you’re working on it. Lastly, don’t forget to put something under the material to protect the work surface underneath! As beautiful as my floor looks when speckled with gold paint…

I’d still consider myself a beginner at this, but I’m extremely eager to work on more projects like these. I’d especially like to customise a nice pair of Dr Martens! (hint hint… hinttttt)

Here are some of my projects so far:

Adored by humans and animals, alike! So if you have a nickname that you need to share with the world, or some apparel in dire need of embellishment. Please get in touch!


AND I finally got to work on some Dr Martens!

Thank you! X


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