The sight-seeing’s on the wall

Since I’d had the opportunity to paint comic book characters on a storage room wall at my old studio, I’d always wanted to work somewhere on a larger scale that would hold the display permanently. (Sadly the superheroes are no-more!)

Luckily this chance arose when my sister wanted to re-do the guest bedroom in her house and we set in motion painting, (well, inking) a quirky cityscape onto her wall.

That, and dancing to a questionable 80’s soundtrack…

The whole thing was a learning process (including the dance moves). Starting with a single horizontal line across the wall, I just free-handed each building and the features while she started over them with the ink. Looking back, I would’ve made more of a grid since it was difficult lining things up at such close range to where I was working… Good job we were going for QUIRKY. Perhaps we should’ve turned the bed if we weren’t such weaklings, so I could’ve stepped back more…

I would have also probably used paint rather than Sharpies as we went through at least 8 of them on the textured surface! Those things ain’t cheap.


I then had to rub out all the pencil, which was a very messy job! And yes, my eraser is a giant unicorn, I’m nothing if not a professional…


With just the tree to be filled in, I’m actually very pleased with the quirky, hand-drawn, illustrative style of the result. It looks great with the aesthetics of the room!


To finish off, we stuck real little pots with succulents in them on some of the windows. I absolutely adore the design of this room now, it has so much character and is really unique. Perhaps I’ll move in!


From posting the results of this on social media, I was then contacted by Lincoln BIG, a local company who wanted a mural in one of their meeting rooms. (I knew that the unicorn eraser would pay-off.)

Together we designed something that illustrated environmentally friendly transport, based around the city of Lincoln. I knew that this time I wanted to use differing shades of paint to add layers of depth, and definitely another 3D plant element in the foreground to set the whole thing off. This time, bigger!

I was extremely pleased that they were also keen on my ideas and the final design. Time to get started…

This time I set up a proper grid (of string), which really helped the overall composition. Then I blocked in the coloured layers of paint, which were little tester pots of enamel.

The fun part was outlining as the grid came down. I definitely enjoyed being a little more calculated and adding the details of my favourite local architecture.



Lastly, I added the colour splash of blue on the bicycle, along with the 3D flower basket, which I think really complemented the rest of the space and added balance to the whole thing. You can see this mural in the downstairs meeting room on Lincoln BIG, just opposite reception!

These were great projects for me as I learned so much and enjoyed myself along the way, adding to my skill set. (Let’s hope DISCO makes a return!). Hopefully other people will enjoy using these spaces even more now as well.

If you’d like a feature wall or to add a splash of interest to a space private or public, please do get in touch for details. 80’s music is optional… but preferred.

Thanks for reading, and happy 2018!


Since the success of the previous mural, I was asked to do a full-colour painting of the Cathedral with the Red Arrows and a Lancaster flying over at Dack Motor Group, Lincoln.

This was my most ambitious to date and I’m very pleased with the results.



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