Inktober 2017

This is the second year that I’ve taken part in Inktober and after the success of last year’s efforts I thought I’d stick to the same recipe…


I posted 4 drawings every 4 days, with a general theme running through each set.

25C78EE1-71CC-4E0D-B73A-C19940E6019DI tried using a few different kinds of pens this year, which really helped with the overall visual style of the outcome.

4F41E2AE-D9FA-4D03-9143-2994A69316EDThis time I also thought I’d put the drawings up for sale on Etsy, which I’ve never done before. The response was really positive and I’m hoping to sell more on there in future as it’s very easy to use.

4A91F5A0-560C-47E2-9BC2-8B80A2C6DDD6Etsy also enables you to see where the interest lies in views, searches and sales, which is very helpful. Initially I just drew these for some fun/practise, but that sort of information should be helpful for future marketing!

2C810125-1C19-42A9-A516-DF700811E224Inspiration came from other artists posting their Inktobers, although more than ever I saw people following the official Inktober list, which I have yet to do! I don’t like to limit myself to one word, but I suppose it’s the ‘challenging’ part. Great to see how each artist interpreted the same word, though.

2CE47D3B-1C68-492C-A525-635D0BDDF58E189AE78E-9C8C-4DE1-A883-B2627C8EF0C2685BAE67-B9EB-477B-B410-0504309E8B1DOf course, the final three had to be an ode to Halloween and after a bit of a movie-marathon, the theme ended up being Tim Burton. Halloween is definitely still my favourite time of year!

If you’d like to purchase any of these, there are still some available on my Etsy. They’d make cute little decorations or gifts!

Currently still accepting commissions for Christmas, so please do get in touch.

Rosie x


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