Knight on Tour and the Knight’s Trail

Before my Knight of the Skies ended up in his Trail position in Castle Square, he got the fantastic opportunity to visit an assortment of locations. I was lucky enough to travel with him to several points of interest, including the Petwood Hotel, RAF Swinderby, East Kirkby with Just Jane and Witham St Hugh’s Primary School. I also managed to get some pictures with him at the Cathedral.

He also visited Newark Air Museum, RAF Metheringham, Cranwell Aviation Centre and the NEC in Birmingham.

The opening weekend of the Trail was a great success and I was one of the first to complete the Trail (following the clues on the statues to fill in a Trail guide and win a badge and certificate). It was a lot of fun and the Battle of Lincoln reenactment was impressive to say the least… I had to remember some of my French to communicate with some real-life Knights!


In fact, his wonderful location meant that the Knight of the Skies was in Pride of place for a few Lincoln Events, including 40’s weekend and the Steampunk festival!

Of course, I took advantage of these photo opportunities.

The mini knight that I had decorated with my design (once my design had been shortlisted) was put on display with some other of the Artists’ mini knights at the Tourist Information Centre. I then advertised that I could customise some, on commission and the orders started rolling in for mini Knights of the Skies!

Photo by A. Foxley-Johnson

These designs were extremely detailed and time-consuming to do, but the reception of them was fantastic and I think they’ve been a success. I must’ve done about 30 of them at this point, and orders are still coming in. Please get in touch if you’d like a customised mini-knight!


Following the success of these, I really wanted to do something more to raise money for the International Bomber Command Centre, so I decided to reproduce the famous image of the flight crew returning home from a flight op (the same image I had depicted on the side of my Knight) onto an original canvas. The Tourist Information Centre very kindly let me hang this original on display behind their desk for the duration of the Trail, raising money at £2 per raffle ticket. I also made cards and prints of this painting to sell, just to help raise all the money I could. I’m also very pleased to say that some kind buyers managed to get their prints signed by an assortment of veterans and sold these on at auction, raising even more money.

The winner of the raffle was extremely pleased to have won the original and I am told it will be hung in pride of place once he’s moved house! Here I am presenting the painting to the winner, and the cheque of the proceeds to Nikki Barr at the IBCC.

I still have prints available, if anyone would like to help raise some more funds, alternatively you can donate as much as you’d like to the IBCC here.

The Knight is being auctioned off at the Cathedral, raising money for the Nomad Trust tomorrow night!

Update: the ‘Knight of the Skies’ was auctioned off for a whopping £15,000!!

Here’s my face (and my Mum’s face) when the hammer went down:

Now I’m extremely happy to report that his new home is at the International Bomber Command Centre, where I always envisioned him going! The Centre is now open and you can visit him following information from their website.

Here’s George ‘Johnny’ Johnson visiting the Knight at the IBCC and inspecting his signature

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