Everyone needs a little Space

For me, there has always been something about the moon that fascinates and inspires. Perhaps because I’m a night owl and work best once the moon is out, perhaps because it reminds me that we are all just on a rock, suspended in a potentially infinite universe. Isn’t that both comforting and terrifying? Something else to keep me awake.

It just so happens that I was invited into a project by Little City Creates, with a theme of ‘space’. Instantly my excitement built as I let my ideas loose: I knew that I wanted to bring a little bit of universal wonder down to Earth.

My first thought was to work BIG. The lovely Alex of Little City Creates was kind enough to indulge in painting a huge throw with me, covered in constellations and celestial delights. We then used excess fabric paint to decorate some of our attire (now my favourite piece of clothing).


Working on black inspired me to work on some black paper. I’m very pleased with how they turned out! Additionally, I wanted to include some of my loose figurative stuff in with the collection, so I painted some astronauts in space to display alongside some older portrait studies (creatures and Mother Nature, combined).

Finally, I wanted to use my experience with balloons (and interest in orreries) to create an inflatable planetarium which people could interact with. It was extremely fun to explore and get lost between the planets in space!

Thank you so much to Little City Creates and everyone who helped and visited on the day. It was a pleasure to work with such lovely, talented people!


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