Mini Barons

For those who were disappointed that the Lincoln Barons were auctioned off in September 2015, there was something that could now soften the blow. Ceramic paint-your-own mini barons could be purchased from the Visitor Information Centre (amongst other places), for £9.95, with a small donation also going to the Trussell Trust.

I immediately bought a couple as souvenirs, excited that I could have some to keep at home. The only thing was that I wasn’t sure whether to make tributes of my own two large barons, or to make completely unique ones.

Before I knew it, I was getting requests from others! Adam Winfield, the official Lincoln Barons Poster photographer (Through The Lens) asked me to make a photographer baron for him. So I decided to capture him as best as I could, complete with his equipment and trusty canine sidekick, Einstein!

I decided that my Mum needed one for her grand Georgian self-build: The Withamside House baron. Her birthday was coming up too, so that was perfect. Complete with her favourite Lincolnshire aircraft and mini portrait, of course!


As soon as I’d finished this one, The Lincoln Hotel contacted me, asking me to create a mini one for them to put on display, which I was more than happy to attempt:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 18.25.25

Pleased with how these were being received, a group of university students wanted to film me painting one for a documentary they were making. They asked if I could make a Batman baron… I was definitely up for the challenge!



The Lincolnshire Echo then featured this in their top 10 favourite mini barons so far!

At this point, Christmas was slowly creeping towards us and I got asked for all kinds of designs. From Spiderman, to Rapunzel… Policemen to farmers… I’m still taking on requests for all different kinds. At one stage I didn’t have a desk left to work on as the barons had taken over!

I’ve made barons for businesses and birthdays, tributes to existing barons of the trail, and I’ve even shipped to the USA and Canada! I’m still so overwhelmed at the interest of these fellas and it’s been fantastic to see them in shop windows over Christmas. It’s really something that’s continuing to bring so many people together and spread joy through the city. I’m really very proud to have been part of it.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Rosie x


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