Body of Work

Whenever I get a request to paint on something other than a canvas, I eagerly take it!

In the past I’ve painted on stone slabs, walls, fibreglass, t-shirts, bombshells… to name but a few. Each new surface I encounter offers a different three dimensional and textural challenge, as well as the subject matter to take into account.

I’ve also dabbled with the idea of becoming a tattoo artist, loving the idea of someone wearing my art on their skin. After seeing some body art posts online, I knew that people had taken this idea of ‘an artform on the human form’ to turn figures into animals and even transport.

Being a complete novice painting on skin (besides a paint fight last summer) and without proper make-up/body paint, I thought I’d just try and see how best to control paint marks on skin. I used kids’ poster paint as it is water-based and skin-safe.

back art1

After my first attempt, I quickly learnt that you need to start with light colours and then paint dark ones around them, using thick and bold paint application. With this method, the best and easiest style is most definitely impressionism!

back art2

With success of a couple of artist-inspired pieces, (especially on Tumblr) I thought I’d paint on more of the body with something related to ‘the body’…

back art3

I’m now pretty confident that I could get some good optical effects with the right amount of setting up/volunteers!

I also tried to do some hand painting/printing, but I need more experience with oils as acrylic and poster paint both dried too quickly to get a decent print…


I had a little more luck making some tattoo-like sleeves with this method! What do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 18.18.49


3 thoughts on “Body of Work”

    1. I just used poster paints, since I was trying it out. I’d recommend body paints as some of the colours didn’t show up very well… but have yet to try any!


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