My Taylor-ed Guitar

Over the years I’ve had all sorts of weird and wonderful requests, from sculpting to graffiti, working with food… tattooing… paper clothing!… I was recently asked to customise a helmet and a guitar, which sounded amazing except that I hadn’t attempted anything on these kinds of surfaces or contours before. I’d actually been thinking about customising my own guitar for quite some time, except that it was a thick black shiny surface that wouldn’t be easily painted or drawn on. Being years old though, I noticed small dents and scratches which when angled right, play in the light. This is when I thought about etching into it!

I’d never attempted anything like that before, besides lino printing and pumpkin carving, which are much softer materials to scratch into… but once I get an idea I have to go with it, and armed with a scalpel and too much enthusiasm I eagerly began.

I started off scratching a tree with some birds, gradually getting used to which movements made which marks (the sound it made, however, I would never get used to!)

I wanted to make the design more elaborate and after telling people I was ‘tailoring my guitar’ they sure as anything expected some Taylor Swift on there (small obsession). With new found ideas (and 1989 on in the background to try and drown out some of the scratching screeches) I carved out references from the album, her life and videos as well as some more nature-inspired decoration. I may now present to you, my Taylored guitar!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3 photo 4

photo 5The photos don’t really do justice to how it plays in the light but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I’m trying to get Taylor to see it but so far no good! I’LL BE ON HER SWIFTMAS LIST, YET! I received an airbrush kit for Christmas so hopefully my future customisation projects will be less deafening. Watch this space!


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