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Parks and Rec-orations

At this time of year, there’s nothing like indulging in marathons of your favourite TV shows (the only kind of marathons you’ll find me partaking in). It’s cold outside, the evenings seem to go on forever and your onesie is calling. Hey, I’m not complaining. In fact, when are we more likely to draw, make stuff… and blog?!

My latest creation was for a friend of mine who adores Parks and Recreation as much as I do, or perhaps even more so since she introduced me to it in the first place. We’ve taken to writing letters to each other to pass these long evenings and since hers are adorned with her witty charm, I needed to up my game with my… ‘crafttachments’. So let’s brainstorm… the next and final season of Parks and Rec doesn’t come out until all the way in January, it’s Christmas time, and this needs to fit into an envelope. SO PARKS AND REC-ORATIONS WERE BORN.

photo 2

Now I’d made paper doll chains before, that part was simple. But, in all honesty, I didn’t have enough time (or materials) to make these things as magical as I wanted to… I ended up missing out characters from the show, smudging the ink and hastily adding the humorous ugly-christmas-sweater lyrics. BUT I knew she would love them. And love them she did. As it turns out, so did a LOT of the P&R fan-base. Tagging your online creations goes a long way it seems, as the official NBC Parks and Rec Tumblr AND Facebook shared my hasty Instagram-filtered snapshot to thousands upon thousands of fans. Cue my phone dying a dramatic notification-overdose death and my wonderful friends freaking out/filling me in!

photo 3

I can only hope that Leslie Knope would be proud and have me on design/decoration duty. I expect there to be a speech with an award of some sort and definitely waffles.

Parks and Rec Tumblr post

Parks and Rec Facebook post

So that was a lovely surprise for the week. Coming up is a blog post that I’ve been excited about for a very long time: being part of an exhibition at The Collection in Lincoln, entitled ‘Lincoln A to Z’. This will be open to the public on the 20th December 2014 until the 24th January 2015. I will write about the story of my involvement with the project, plus a little about meeting the man I ended up painting (who very kindly sat for me): the wonderful, Colin McFarlane.

You can read more about the Lincoln A to Z exhibition here.

Thanks for reading!


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