Once my latest acrylic painting was nicely framed up and collected, I found I had a rogue sheet of glass left over with no sense of purpose. Combine that with the fact that I’d been wanting to do another time-lapse video for quite some time and hello idea central!

Now, some may have noticed that Marvel is my go-to theme when it comes to trying something new because I find that you can get a dynamic effect really quickly with those bold lines and colours. And, sure, they look badass and I’m still kinda hoping for my super ability to surface so that I can have one of those outfits designed especially for me. ‘Rosie Rockets’ definitely has to have out-of-this-world footwear, don’t you think?! Literally.

Oh, where was I? Oh yes, here’s the finished time-lapse video: (I definitely should’ve worn white, though! My bad.)

Once I turned it around so that I could actually take a look at what I’d done, I thought colour might make it a little clearer to see!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 19.54.46

With this being a finished glass piece, and fairly difficult to display as it is, I didn’t stop there… I just couldn’t help myself..



And voila! A visual effect that’s good for working out your own anger issues 😉

What have you been up to recently? I want to see! 🙂


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