Another Dimension

As I’ve probably mentioned many times before, art (and life for that matter) is all about perspective.

The first things I ever saw of a three dimensional drawing nature, were the kind of pieces done in chalk on pavements… Some being really quite impressive in both subject and scale.

Check out this pavement art by Julian Beever:

image via

Then I noticed that the same thing can be done on a smaller scale, whether that’s on a single page, or adjoining sketchbook pages. Some are so realistic, that process videos need to be watched to really quite believe it! You may have seen this video doing the viral rounds:

I thought I’d have a try at 3D art using perspective in one of my sketchbooks. I have to say, it’s much harder than it looks!

photo 2

Firstly, I tried to make it look like a drawing was coming to life, choosing a zebra in simple monochrome. I found that the final result depends a lot on the light source as well as the point of view.

photo 3

Then I tried to make it look like a character was sitting on my book. This one was much more difficult, branching over the two pages.

I’ve always used multiple points of perspective when making my work, and this experiment certainly made me realise this. It turns out that I step back all the time, tilt my head and angle the surface A LOT when I make something! This was torture for me having to keep so still.

On researching a little bit into my 3D endeavour, I came across some fascinating anamorphic sculptures. These ones are by Jonty Hurwitz. He also has videos and drawings that you can feast your eyes on! More

image via

Going round in circles (as I tend to do), I recalled that I actually first saw this effect a while back when I was selling some cups and saucers at the gallery:


Such a brilliant idea, and you could have interchangeable saucers! Something I’d love to have a go at, next…

If you’re reading this I’d love to know of any quirky things you’ve seen or had a go at recently. Please share if you’d like to! 🙂

Rosie x


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