One Wheel, No Limit

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 15.36.44

When I first started secondary school back in 1999, I remember we had a Canadian substitute teacher for our P.E. lessons. Considering that I went to a Girls’ Grammar School and had only completely serious (though very good) teachers in the past, she was a complete breath of fresh air. She was lively, entertaining, and certainly said it how it was! She had many catchphrases, including: “back up the bus, ladies, back up the bus!” and when the cafeteria doubled up as the gymnasium: “why does it smell like someone got sick in here..?”

Now, being what I can only describe as the ‘runt’ of the litter, P.E was something I always tried to get out of. Constantly forgetting my inhaler (easy to do, if you don’t have one) and having to sit out. Shameful. You can bet that I was the one in the dance group or the gym group that got thrown around, with supposed consent! Even I must admit, though, I could get some impressive height.

Under Ms’s teachings, it didn’t take long for our lessons to become more interesting, too. One that was about to forever change my disposition was an assault course that she set up, in which one of the stages was juggling beanbags. Now, these days I consider myself as a jack of all trades, because I don’t enjoy not being able to do something. I can safely say this began, that very day! From the frustration of continuously dropping the beanbags, when Ms could do it with perfect ease, I felt a level of determination I’d never felt before. I made my own beanbags with rice and sandwich bags and continued that very day when I got home. Within a very frustrating week I could, very ungracefully, ‘juggle’.

Thrilled with my new-found determination for something physical, I needed something else to master and I looked on some juggling and circus websites for better equipment. Lo and behold, there was a sale on unicycles. Before long:

You can bet that from that day on, if I saw that something was possible, I had to try it. I had to do it. (I probably should never have watched this video)

juggling and unicycling at a bar, as you do
juggling and unicycling at a bar, as you do

Some other unexpected things I’ve mastered  include:


football skills

the cup song

as well as arts and crafts techniques which I’m sure I’ll write about in future:

pumpkin carving

Who would’ve thought I’d have been most inspired by a teacher from my most loathed subject.

Have you ever been inspired unexpectedly by someone or something that doesn’t seem at all ‘you’? Perhaps try something you thought you’d never take to, and surprise yourself!


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