The End of an Era

So, you just graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art from the University of Lincoln, congratulations!! ..now what?!

In January 2011 I had an amazing opportunity that I just couldn’t turn down. I have been running ‘Lincoln Art Works’ gallery ever since.

As you can imagine, over the past three years there have been many challenges. But there has also been much excitement, plenty of friends and business opportunities made, and a lot of learning.


Since I’m now sadly closing down, I thought I’d make a post about some of my personal highlights!

For more information on my full time at Lincoln Art Works, please do visit the gallery Facebook Page.

The Opening Weekend


This was a weekend-long event that I can’t remember a lot of because it was a total frantic blur. There were family, friends, artists, press and the public all over the place. I do remember people being very supportive and sharing in my enthusiasm, though. A lot have stuck with me through it all, and I’ll be eternally grateful!

Filming with Gok Wan


For this event we had one day only to transform the gallery to exhibit the work of a Lincolnshire lady, having undergone a makeover and looking for a date. We also had under a day to find eligible men for the evening filming! Gok himself was very welcoming and just how I’d imagined he would be, completely fabulous. He even made some purchases! It was of course, also an incredible feeling seeing it all aired on Channel 4 later in the year.

Lincolnshire’s 30 Under 30

Celebrating with my 30 under 30 mug

I was surprised to learn that I’d been chosen as one of ‘The Lincolnite’s 30 under 30’ 2013. There was a black-tie evening with cocktails where we got to meet the other 29 nominees and all had our photos taken. That was an experience to remember and certainly an honour considering the other talent!

The Bronze Pig Opening


‘The Bronze Pig’ opening with Masterchef finalist Eamonn Hunt was a packed event. We were none-stop all night and he had to stand on a chair to be seen/heard. The artwork was enjoyed all-round. Amazing food and amazing company!

Simon Atack Exhibition


Meeting Simon was a brilliant experience, having been involved in a lot of historical aviation projects in the past. But being able to host an exhibition with an unveiling of a new piece of work by the man, himself, was really something I’ll never forget. 

Gaye’s Interactive Performance


I’ve shown some unexpected exhibits in the past, from metal to woodwork, to collaborations for all the senses. But Gaye’s performance piece was something myself (and my intern) felt really involved with and the response (the piece being interactive) was fantastic!

Seeing Friends and Artists Shine


It’s been a real honour to see artists that started out with me, or friends that have helped me along the way soar into their passion. A good few of them now onto amazing experiences and opportunities. I hope, looking back, that they’re as fond as I am of my little local talent platform.

The People and the Pieces

wheelbarrow, table.. storage.. desk thingy

“That’s amazing… what is it?!” I have to say, working with both artists and the public is certainly never boring! I’ve seen some things and met some people that are just genuinely impossible to describe. No matter where I go in the future, I’m sure I’ll look back and have a laugh at the things I’ve sold, and the stories I’ve heard!

Other Opportunities

The space has also been used for various other filming and photographic projects. Models, Photographers and Make-Up Artists alike have gathered at this location. Whether they use the gallery space, storeroom or rooftop, here are some examples below (please click on the titles for their Facebook Pages):

Graffiti Lab


Falcieri Designs


Rick Nunn


Cooper Rose

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 18.18.23

If you would like to use the gallery space whilst it’s still available, or if you would like any other information. Please comment below or email me. Thank you!


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