My other, ‘Other Half’

I have often wondered whether I am so interested in studying faces because others have always made a point of studying mine.

When you’re an identical twin you get a lot of double takes and visual scrutiny, simply because someone is wondering whether you are who they initially thought. I suppose your face is your identity (ask any member of the passport police!) and to some extent, I have to share mine…


People often ask me ‘what’s it like being a twin?’ which seems odd to me as I have never known otherwise! But I suppose it’s easy to imagine what sort of things would not happen, you know, besides the psychic ability, private twin language, wardrobe sharing and wondering if you’re the evil one…

For one thing, we seem to be a bit of a novelty. Whether that’s being dressed alike when we were younger, being bought the same thing, people generally looking and enquiring about our twinship, and sometimes wanting us for projects. We’ve also contributed to The Genesis Study for over 7 years for scientific research, which is pretty cool!

roz and sar echo 1

I usually always agree to take part in these things as I find them equally as interesting. I even wrote my dissertation on identical twins in art. This lead to a lot of research into the origins and beliefs surrounding twins in history, and it also lead to further opportunities:

Rosies Damien Photo

Sitting as a Damien Hirst piece in the Tate Modern, London 2009

Mistaken identity is a very odd thing, it feels like you’re unintentionally misleading people just by being somewhere your twin could be! Have you ever been told you have a double? How did it feel for you? Most people tell me that I’m so lucky and that they’d love to have a twin. I must say that despite all the downsides, I’m very glad that I am eternally part of a pair!

You can learn more about my wombmate here. 🙂


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