I find that I get asked quite a lot of the same questions, so in case you’ve been wondering, here are my FAQ’S!


What exactly do you make? Describe your work

I work with graphite and acrylic on paper, combining my loves of portraiture and mark-making for quite dynamic results. I use a mostly black and white colour scheme so that the focus is left on the subject and the behaviour of the medium. With some external parts of the image left incomplete, the figures almost seem to emerge from the surface.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 19.06.41

How big do you work?

My drawings range from A5 to A2 depending on the image source and desired outcome. Recently I’ve been framing my work to see them on display. I have been known to work larger and smaller though, if I want to leave my comfort zone!

What inspires you?

I use fashion photography and the celebrity for inspiration; A lot of the subjects seem sombre and I feel like that mirrors the distressed application of paint. A lot of other artists inspire me, especially their works in progress. There’s something about the construction process that I find really compelling. I’ve written a bit about which artists inspire me, here.

Are you a trained artist, what’s your artistic background?

I studied Fine Art at Lincoln College of Art and Design and then at Lincoln University, graduating with a BA Hons in Fine Art in 2010. Before then art was and always has been my favourite subject and hobby.

Where do you make your art?

I mostly make my art at Lincoln Art Works gallery in Lincoln, I’ve written a bit about my studio, here.

Though I do draw wherever and whenever inspiration hits me, with whatever I have available!

How do you make art, describe your process?

Firstly I find an appealing subject and pose by trawling through magazines and various online sources, then I focus on capturing the subject with this expressive mark-making. Watering down the acrylic and using an oversized brush allows for more spontaneous application. I find that although this makes the process a little more challenging, it creates a much more dynamic outcome.

photo (4) copy 3

How long do you spend on each piece?

This really varies depending on scale and medium, and how challenging I find it! I do consider myself a very fast worker as I try and keep the pieces expressive and my painting attitude is very much ‘go go go!’. Provided there are no distractions around. Sometimes I can’t even listen to music as I work!

Why do you make art, is there a personal reason?

For many reasons, really. To feed my imagination, channel my thoughts and ultimately to generate a human response.

People as a subject have always fascinated me, how they choose to present themselves. As has the skill in representing something on a two-dimensional plane: There’s a great satisfaction in capturing something visual with your own hand. In doing so, you’ve produced something that is still identifiable, but along with parts of yourself. I find it’s a very personal thing to have your work on display, but that’s what’s so wonderful about art!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 18.44.08

Is your work on display anywhere?

Yes, you’ll mostly find it at Lincoln Art Works, and online, for now!

Where can I find you online?

Pretty much every platform there is! There are originals directly available to buy, or you can contact me, here.









Thanks for reading! Feel free to contact me with any questions that I’ve missed out!



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