Logic will get you from A-Z; Imagination will get you everywhere. ~Albert Einstein

Knowledge is limited, so why stop there? I’ve always been a daydreamer, frequently lost in a world of my own. All impromptu musical numbers aside, it didn’t take long for me to realise that making things was a productive way to satisfy my overactive imagination. And my curiosity.. Where can a blank piece of paper take you? The possibilities are endless!

photo (5) copy

If you’re ever lost or stuck for inspiration, let your mind wander. Imagine a different life, or a different world with new possibilities and new restrictions. Go down the rabbit hole and touch the things you’re not supposed to (that’s what happened there, right?). Look at a blank canvas and imagine where it could take you.

 “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.” Vincent van Gogh

I find a lot of dreams help me to create in real life; It may be because I’m an artist, but I dream a lot, and I remember them. Usually when I’m in the shower or supposed to be listening to someone… But that’s when I start to see that idea as a reality. (Plus it enabled me to count sleep as research, hello snooze button!)

Although these images or sequences can seem a lot like nonsense, you  shouldn’t underestimate the power of the subconscious. I once dreamt that I had an ambigram tattoo (saying ‘one’ one way and ‘two’ the other) and it actually worked when I sketched it out! It’s now on my wrist as a permanent reminder that I am both a complete individual and one of a pair.

 (Oh, did I mention that I’m an identical twin? More on that, here!)

I have read that we have to dream in order to satisfy our unfulfilled emotional needs, so I can see why many artists are dreamers, and why art can be an important emotional release. (That also explains why there are always massive spiders trying to exact their revenge on me as soon as I close my eyes!). Dreams fuel the imagination, which in my opinion is the most important quality in producing and studying art. It is the wonder of translating an idea to a surface via a human being.

photo 1

 Do you ever have dreams where you’re a really tiny person trying

to get your drawing done? ..Just me?



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