The Big Finish!

Spoiler alert?

I’ve found some debate among artists about whether works in progress should be shared, or if doing so diminishes the ultimate ‘wow-factor’ of the completed outcome.

As I’ve mentioned before, I find the construction of a piece fascinating and could watch time-lapses of artists at work, endlessly! I also feel like it’s quite a privilege to see things in the making, as (from personal experience) it can be a vulnerable place for the artist to put themselves if they don’t feel that the work is viewer-ready.

So, is there a way that someone can watch your piece develop and yet still be surprised by the result? I witnessed something in a Derren Brown performance that I found very inspirational, and tried my own solution:

An extra thank you to Ellen for being amazing at the Oscars. I found this painting experiment both fun and challenging, plus the surprise at the end included even myself! I certainly hope to do more time-lapses and perhaps upside down painting in the future.

What do you think? Do you enjoy seeing part of the process, or do you feel that it spoils something for you?


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