‘Forces of Nature’

August 2018 was the first time I’d had a solo exhibition for years and so I was rather nervous about which work to show. I had booked all of the space available at the delightful independent coffee house on Freeschool Lane, Lincoln, the Angel Coffee House. The exhibition got to be on display for the whole month and I really couldn’t recommend better hosts!

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The August bank holiday weekend (soon becoming my favourite time of year) this year commemorated the 10th Anniversary of the Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln.

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Not so long ago, a fresh and local group of creatives was formed, sprouting up on social media and refusing to be ignored! They call themselves WITA: Women in the Arts, Lincoln. They aim to unite female talent from around the City, and pooled a variety of us ladies together for their first (fantastic) Showcase. I was super excited to be invited to take part, knowing a handful of the people involved, and that having their support and encouragement was a beautiful thing! You can follow WITA activity on Facebook here and Instagram here. Continue reading “WITA – LINCOLN”


The sight-seeing’s on the wall

Since I’d had the opportunity to paint comic book characters on a storage room wall at my old studio, I’d always wanted to work somewhere on a larger scale that would hold the display permanently. (Sadly the superheroes are no-more!) Continue reading “The sight-seeing’s on the wall”


Inktober 2017

This is the second year that I’ve taken part in Inktober and after the success of last year’s efforts I thought I’d stick to the same recipe… Continue reading “Inktober 2017”


Everyone needs a little Space

For me, there has always been something about the moon that fascinates and inspires. Perhaps because I’m a night owl and work best once the moon is out, perhaps because it reminds me that we are all just on a rock, suspended in a potentially infinite universe. Isn’t that both comforting and terrifying? Something else to keep me awake. Continue reading “Everyone needs a little Space”


Knight on Tour and the Knight’s Trail

Before my Knight of the Skies ended up in his Trail position in Castle Square, he got the fantastic opportunity to visit an assortment of locations. I was lucky enough to travel with him to several points of interest, including the Petwood Hotel, RAF Swinderby, East Kirkby with Just Jane and Witham St Hugh’s Primary School. I also managed to get some pictures with him at the Cathedral. Continue reading “Knight on Tour and the Knight’s Trail”